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Why Plan Ahead?

Society today is more open to honest discussion about pre-planning funerals and recognising the financial and emotional burden they can ease on the family.

It makes perfect sense to be a part of your own arrangements and to have a personal say in what happens at your funeral. From burial or cremation, to favourite hymns or music… these are all very personal decisions and a huge responsibility if left for somebody else to decide!

A funeral plan allows you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance and give you lasting peace of mind that everything is in hand.

With a funeral plan from Golden Leaves, you can secure the funeral director’s fees at today’s prices: in other words, there’s no more to pay for the funeral directors’ fees that are itemised within your funeral plan.  Golden Leaves’ funeral plans also include an allowance towards the cost of third-party fees like cremation or burial fees or the fee for the officiant at the funeral.  Alternatively, you can opt for the Golden Leaves Third Party Fee guarantee.  For an additional payment, you can secure the cost of third party fees so that these are locked in to the price of your plan. 

Trusted provider of funeral plans

At  we work in partnership with Golden Leaves to provide you with a way to plan and pay for your funeral in advance.  Golden Leaves have been at the forefront of funeral planning since 1984 when funeral plans first became available in the UK, so you can trust that your family will be provided with care and service from industry experts.

The funds you pay for your funeral plan (minus a fee that Golden Leaves keeps for plan administration) are held in the Golden Leaves Trust which is separate from Golden Leaves and managed by an independent board of trustees to make sure that the funds for your funeral are there when the time comes.

Choosing your plan

We understand that everyone is different, which is why Golden Leaves’ funeral plans are designed to hold your personalised wishes in one place.

With a Golden Leaves funeral plan, there are three simple ways to pay. You can select immediate cover with a payment in full or you can spread your payments over 12 interest-free monthly instalments or ask about Golden Leaves’ credit payment option.  Instalment or credit payment options are subject to age and health status but if you’re interested in these, just ask Golden Leaves and they’ll give you all the information you need.

Take the first step today by calling us on 01294 278 777 or email us at

 ** Please note that we cannot discuss details of Golden Leaves’

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.

Funeral Plans

Contact Us on 01294 278 777 for more information about whats included in our plans.

Image by Katie Harp

Gold Plan

Our Gold Plan is our most popular choice of plan. It includes all our your essentials for planning ahead and also includes a coffin upgrade and a 7 seater limousine. 


Image by Milad Fakurian

Silver Plan

Our Silver Plan includes all your essentials for planning ahead for burial or cremation, including our simple coffin.


Image by Sumit Jaswal

Direct Cremation Plan

Our Direct Cremation offers a dignified send off for your loved one. Your loved one can still be dressed in their own clothes and our traditional hearse will be used on the day for the cremation.

*unattended cremation service*


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