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Funeral Poems

Searching for Funeral Poems Can Be Overwhelming
Are you searching for those special funeral poems or verses? Looking for a reading that will reflect the essence of the person you are remembering can be overwhelming. Poets and writers throughout the centuries have poured out their souls in verse to capture the emotion around grief and loss. They have gone beyond mere word to aptly reflect their love for the person they are writing about. At such an emotional time, it is often difficult to put pen to paper and write down how you feel. As you read through the poems provided, you may just find what you are looking for that will display your love and grief for the person you are saying farewell to. 

Types of Funeral Poems


At Balmoral, we understand the significance of paying tribute to your special someone. We have put together a collection of funeral poems and readings to reflect this. In our selection we have tried to incorporate a wide range of poems and reading from traditional and religious verse to contemporary and non-religious authors. 


3 Steps to Choose Funeral Poems
Reading a verse or poem is one way to remember and capture the essence of the person you are honouring. When choosing funeral poems and readings.

Firstly, think about the character of the person you wish remember, the role they played in your life and how you want to honour them.

- Secondly, think about the people that will be gathered to pay tribute to this person and choose a poem or reading that they will connect with.

- Lastly, choose a verse that will aptly reflect your love for the person you are paying tribute to. 

Take a quiet moment to read through the collection of verses below to find the right one.

Collection of Poems

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